Gain new insight into your finances

What is the VAT number?  What discount scheme was agreed? Having to look up detailed information on each customer every time can be time wasted.

All these details need to be available automatically. The same applies to crucial information about the creditworthiness of your customers. For easy access to all financial details associated with each customer you can rely on the Finance module in MultiPress.

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Accurate financial information is indispensable when running a successful business.  It is only possible to automate the accounting processes optimally if you have all the correct customer data at your disposal, such as the account numbers, VAT regime, payment term and outstanding balance.

Avoid being stuck with unpaid invoices because you lose track of your customers' financial situation. MultiPress makes it possible to fully automate the monitoring of your customers' creditworthiness. This gives you financial security and allows you to work with customers in complete safety.

  • Up to date and correct: never again will you have to search for the correct financial data on your customers
  • Efficient and secure: all financial customer information is centrally managed so that accounting processes are fast, automatic and error-free
  • Reduce financial risks: automatic checks on creditworthiness prevent unpaid invoices

Features of Finance

Financial Information
Take the right strategic decisions

Correct and accurate financial information is indispensable for successful business.

Credit Check
Watch over creditworthiness

With the MultiPress Credit Control module, you obtain the latest financial information on your clients, prospects and partners.