Ship fast, deliver on time

A print order is only complete if it is delivered to the customer correctly and on time. This is why you can streamline the shipping and error-free delivery of your printed material with MultiPress.  With our clever business software, you can easily manage all agreements and any specific requirements for each customer - plus you wont need to look up the right delivery address or the agreed packaging method. 

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The MultiPress Expedition module allows you to record all information as agreed with the customer relating to the packaging and dispatch of the printed products. By managing this information in a structured and centralised manner, it is immediately available at any time. This allows you to immediately create a suitable production schedule based on agreed delivery times.

The result? You always know exactly what will be delivered, when and where.

The link to your preferred logistics provider provides you with a correct estimate of the costs for each shipment. And by recording any special features of the delivery locations, you know immediately whether to use a truck with a tailboard, for example, or whether it would be better to use a trolley that fits in the customer's lift.

  • Up-to-date and correct: all agreements and details regarding shipping and logistics are recorded centrally.
  • Fast and efficient: all order information can be called up immediately for fast and correct dispatch.
  • Customer satisfaction: orders are delivered on time, correctly and as agreed.