All information in the palm of your hand

With the MultiPress Mobile app, you and your staff can easily consult your client database, review reports and access commercial information. Having key information to hand means you can respond appropriately to questions from clients, partners and suppliers during on site visits.

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  • Manage your business on your phone or any device - in any location - 24/7.
  • All calculations, jobs, turnover figures and even complaints - per customer - can be quickly looked up on the Multipress App.
  • Jobs in production with their status - plus any subjobs and delivery dates can be consulted immediately and anywhere.
  • Important management information? No problem! The number of new quotations, orders and invoiced orders can be consulted immediately.

The MultiPress Mobile app allows you to enter a visit report during or immediately after a client visit.  All current information is then immediately registered centrally and available to your colleagues. With this fast communication change, all departments can react quickly if necessary.

  • Anytime, anywhere: Having the MultiPress App available 24/7 on your mobile device provides immedate access to your customer's calculations, jobs, order production status, sales figures and complaints
  • Fast and complete: all your customer's history, including sales insights and visit reports, is available immediately
  • Key information always updated: all key information is accessible and and can be updated at any time
  • Central visit registration: during or after a visit to the customer, the visit report can be entered immediately