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'Large-format calculations are very specific. MultiPress takes all the details into account'.

How do you make large-format calculations twice as fast?

Hecht Printing Solutions (Belgium) supplies offset, digital and downright  large-format printing. In combination with dazzling top design. All under one roof, which means that customers - think of the well-known poster companies, the large retail supermarkets as well as car brands and telecom operators in the Benelux and the French market, ... - always achieve the right effect.

Administratively, Cerm has been Hecht's  partner for 15 years. But correct large-format calculations require specific m² prices to be broken down according to printing parameters (set-up time, print time, ink and material). And that's not what the business software was designed for. In the search for a substantial cutting of administration time and an increased return on investment, MultiPress came more and more in the game, more specifically the large-format module.

Calculations with a detour...

Quality has been in the genes since 1852. The employees are, without exception,  results-driven. Whatever the challenge, the team will do everything in its power to achieve the right result. Because a new project goes through a lot of steps before it really makes an impression. This means that people and machines work together optimally to get an order completed as quickly as possible: from concept, through quotation and production, to delivery and beyond.

But because Cerm was not specifically developed for large format, those specific calculations were accompanied by extra programmed customization, combined with Excel. This worked more or less, but it was clear there had to be a better way.

Calculations with maximum effect!

Hecht needed business software that best met the administrative needs of a large-format printing company. And that is exactly the function of the specific large format modules of MultiPress. The calculation engine allows the specific m² prices to be broken down according to printing parameters (set-up time, printing time, ink and material). Based on a classification by material - separate from the machine layout - MultiPress will calculate exactly how much time is needed for production, depending on the print quality. This is the only way to automate the planning, registration and subsequent calculation. And that is precisely what Hecht Printing Solutions needed to adequately handle their ever-increasing number of large-format orders. With maximum effect for their customers! 

MultiPress: #1 Business Software for printing businesses

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