Microsoft 365

Why are my emails going to the recipients' spam folders?



There was something strange going on with emails sent from MultiPress. Some MultiPress users reported that their clients received offers or order confirmations as spam. Checking basic items such as the SPF record or DNS had no effect.The Dataline Development team immediately investigated the problem. 

  • If you use an external email program such as Outlook or Mac Mail to send quotations or order confirmations, then there is no problem.
  • If you send them directly from MultiPress using a Microsoft 365 mail account, your emails will end up in your recipients’ spam folders. This annoying spam issue has now been solved.  

The cause of the problem was that Microsoft had changed their spam policy. Solving this problem was no easy task because Microsoft does not release the reasons why emails end up in spam folders in Office 365 accounts. If it did, it would be straightforward for deliberate spammers to circumvent the system.

It took some investigation, but we finally found the cause and solved the issue in the latest version of MultiPress.

If you need to be absolutely certainand avoid any nuisance as much as possible, you should upgrade your MultiPress as soon as possible.