Invoicing and financial monitoring

Automatic invoicing

Automatic invoicing

All data for a given job are automatically transferred to the invoicing module. There you can edit them as needed to invoice additional transport or labour costs. All imaginable invoicing functions are supported by MultiPress, such as grouped invoices (for customers requiring monthly invoices), partial, split and pro-forma invoices. If you are dealing with large numbers of invoices per year, you also have the option to automate the entry of invoices in your (or your accountant’s) accounting software.

Automatic Invoicing

Use the free automatic invoicing tool to efficiently and quickly create and send all your invoices. Set invoicing frequencies per customer: daily, weekly, monthly... For each job, you can choose whether to create collective or individual invoices. Create your own list with the desired parameters and get started immediately. 

How to set up Auto Invoicing in MultiPress?


  • Save time when preparing invoices.
  • Create invoices for each customer at your chosen frequency.
  • Easily draw up collective invoices.
  • No more forgotten invoices.
  • Flexibility for demanding customers.
  • Easy to configure.

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