Foil stamping

Foil stamping

The foil stamping process uses warmth to apply pigmented, metallic, silver, gold or holographic foil onto a surface. Obviously, MultiPress must be very careful when pre-calculating the cost price. And being faster and more accurate than MultiPress is impossible. The MultiPress Foil Stamping Module determines for each different letter press the parameters which are specific to foil stamping. The most important parameters are the set-up time of the machine, production speed and roll characteristics. As such, the size of the stereotype plate and the use of gold, silver and other foil can be taken into consideration. Your quotation is ready to print, e-mail or forward in digital format in no time. 

This module includes:

  • Managing parameters of letter presses for foil stamping
  • Managing set-up times, production speeds and roll characteristics
  • Calculation of prices based on parameters, the size of the stereotype plate and the use of materials
  • Printing and/or emailing the quotation with one click


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