Inhouse Calculatie

Inhouse Calculatie

The graphic department mainly calculates times according to the schedule

Companies with a graphic department often have a wide range of graphic production machinery. It is important to quickly calculate a budget, estimate the necessary production time and keep a record of (sliding scale) prices. It comes as no surprise that they need a real MIS software package specifically developed for a graphic department in addition to their existing business ERP software. How else can you quickly calculate modifications in print runs, variants, extras, speeds, printing times? The costs and lead times of the printed matter can be calculated with a single push of the button. MultiPress has the right engine for each production technique (offset, digital print, large format, screen printing, finish).  If you have any doubts concerning the selected printing press or imposition, MultiPress will calculate and recalculate the most cost-effective combination for all comparative combinations until you have the most advantageous production cost. When it comes to finishing operations, MultiPress is once again the fastest thanks to the extensive volume module, which calculates the complete finishing operation in an almost fully automatic way on the basis of the printing sheet data. A few ticks take care of the rest, from cutting to packaging!

This module includes:

  • Working with standard calculations
  • Automatic calculation on the basis of a PDF file
  • Easy calculation of variations (print run, colour, paper, finish ...)
  • Printing and/or emailing the quotation with one click
  • Creation of expense accounts 
  • Compatible with all current ERP systems
  • The volume module makes it possible to calculate the finish fully automatically on the basis of the printing sheet data


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