With the award-winning MultiPress Installation App, you can keep in touch with your sign & large format job fitters. Thanks to this app, they can carry out the assembly of print orders smarter and more efficiently. The app is extremely user-friendly and very handy for following projects remotely up to and including delivery.

Assemblers of sign & large format work on location at the client or at events. Everything starts with an optimal day plan, route planning and time scheduling. But what if the execution takes longer? Or a client claims afterwards that the delivery was not as agreed? Or a heavy file causes havoc with the rest of the daily planning? With the MultiPress Montage App you can anticipate and adjust for every eventuality. Everyone involved is constantly informed about the daily planning, working hours and quality control recorded on location.

The app gives fitters a full briefing on their smartphone from MultiPress, which manages all the information centrally. In real time, fitters can arrange assembly and delivery, log working hours, add photos to the file and record the customer's approval.

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  • Planning updates: mechanics always have the latest planning and in the right order
  • Working time registration: hours worked are recorded on the spot with the start/stop timer
  • Customer approval: customer can approve the completed result directly via the MultiPress Installation App
  • Real time progress: the app sends data, including photos of the result, in real time to MultiPress
  • Photos with project: photos of the result are automatically linked with the correct project in MultiPress
  • Final check: internal staff can follow the progress of the job and perform the final check

"Make your mechanics smarter and more efficient: real-time monitoring of every project, on-site and without administration"

Dirk Deroo - CEO Dataline

Installation App - Instructions


The installation technicians always have the correct planning in the right order and can drive directly from job to job so they can plan their driving and working hours efficiently

Installation App - Asssembly Instructions

Assembly instructions

Each job contains the assembly instructions; the mechanics on site will not lose any time to find out exactly what needs to be done.

Installation App - Time registration

Time registration

The time worked will be recorded locally with the start/stop timer. The app forwards the data to MultiPress in real-time

Installation App - Making memos

Making memos

Problems, comments, or surprises on site? These can be added to the file via a simple memo field.

Installation App - Uploading images

Uploading images

Images of the delivered work can be uploaded directly into the app and added to the right project in MultiPress. This makes remote quality control very easy.