Digital print calculation

Digital print calculation

Digital printing businesses strongly appreciate MultiPress. This is mainly because MultiPress is able to manage complex price structures and always automatically links the correct price to the right customer. The originals are calculated automatically based on the number of pages, the layout and the machine. MultiPress can link a sliding scale price list to a machine and give a cumulative quantity discount based on specific parameters or give a price reduction based on the entire order. All this is calculated in line with the media and the quality standards. Very convenient in case of an order that includes cover, body and insert. First and foremost, a gradual reduction is provided based on the number of square metres or the number of clicks.

This module includes:

  • Possibility to enter customer-specific prices
  • Possibility to enter specific prices for one type of machine and for one type of media
  • Possibility to keep a record of specific click or plot prices

Comparison between digital calculation and sheet offset

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