If you want something done, ask a busy man to do it

Your customer wants value for money and you want that for your working hours. Determine the exact production costs in advance and compare them with alternative production methods. This is how you adjust the price to the level of difficulty of the assignment. And do not keep a hangover about it afterwards. MultiPress gives you a clear calculation of the cost price of an order via registration to the machine, with barcode or JDF link and material registration linked to the stock management.

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Multipress Registration

Production status employees

Your employees register their active operations by means of a barcode scanner or from their JDF / JMF compatible (pressure) machine. This allows Multi-Press to provide a complete overview of all employees, respective operations, orders, etc. in real time. If we want to get an overview from the administrative department of all employees and their respective processing and order number then it is shown in the employee production status module. This shows all open production lines in real time and saves us a lot of going back and forth in production.

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MultiPress Productiestatus Medewerkers

Web-based registration

A completely new web-based registration module was developed in MultiPress. It generates a job list based on the planning and transmits it fully automatically to the operator. That makes switching of machines much easier and a simple start / stop function was provided, which also allows the post calculation of MultiPress to be automatically fed. If desired, the operator can create and print a delivery note, stickers or even an invoice. The reserved paper is also debited so that the stock is always up-to-date. Administrative simplification to the smallest detail!

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Cloud Montage App

The placement technicians of sign and large-format companies are on the road every day, going to a customer’s site, an event, or another location. But what if a job takes longer than planned, a traffic jam makes a mess of the planning, or something goes wrong with the installation so that the customer is not satisfied?

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Montage app